Thursday, March 25, 2010

Introducing Granger

I see him all over my town. He seems to always be out and about.

Mr. Granger lives about three blocks from me so we are on the same bus quite a lot. He moves at the speed of a snail and often people on the various buses get cranky because he takes so long getting on and off.

He yells when he talks. Hearing problem. But still, he always makes me smile when I chat with him. He's friendly and he has stories to tell. I love listening to them.

Last night, I asked him how old he was. He'll be 83 next summer. Then he said, "I'm finally getting old".

He broke his hip last year. He's been using a walker ever since. And yet, he told me last night if he can get the transfer from the 7 Bus to the 3 Bus down, he'll be able to stay out later.

I asked him how late he'd be staying out and he said, "Nine or ten".

"Where would you go?"

He didn't answer. He uses his hearing issue selectively I think.

Last night our mutual bus was late.

As we sat in the cool evening air, he shared that he would like to ride the train before he died but that he wouldn't be able to get up the steps with his walker.

I shared that I ride the train every day and that they have ramps and will hold the doors open for him until he is on. His eyes lit up so big, it made mine fill with tears.

He wants to go east for the day. Take the train across the mountains and then have lunch and come back. He said he wanted to do it at the end of April and would call the trains and make plans.

I like Mr. Granger. He's an entertainment. He also shows me that hopes and dreams are exciting at any age.

Till Next Time,


(all images and stories used with permission)


  1. What interesting characters!

  2. I loved your post about Neal. But more so I loved reading about Grandpa Granger and his convinient hearing problem :D

    I think its incredible how you take inspiration from people around you instead of celebs and famous people. I think ordinary people are bigger heroes !