Saturday, June 26, 2010

Introducing Jane

The last few months, I've spent quite a bit of time job hunting. Hence, my travel and conversations seem to have quite a bit of job hunting tones to them. It was going from point "A" to point "B" on my never ending job quest that I encountered this woman.

This is Jane. She has four children and a husband that she seems to love dearly. She was out picking up a few things for her husband who currently lives in some remote part of Alaska.

You see, Jane has been unemployed for two years. Her husband was unemployed for a year. They currently live in supplemented housing and when her husband faced the choice of moving to Alaska for work, they decided to have Jane and her children stay in Washington because of the schools and housing.

I couldn't help wonder how hard it must be since she hasn't seen her husband in a year. He faithfully sends her his money and they live for webcam "visits".

Still, Jane had the most beautiful, contented smile. It was as if she just didn't have a care or worry in the world. She was peaceful.

I am not peaceful. I have been unemployed only ten months. I still have my family whole and intact. I moan and groan too much. Jane put me to shame. Not intentionally mind you.

She made me feel better about my circumstances. She was so encouraging and happy. She could only say nice things about her husband and circumstances.

I'm so very glad that for a half an hour, I could visit with Jane.

(all images and stories used with permission)

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